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Recent News Releases
12/9/2003 - #002. IHS PRESS LAUNCHES GATES OF VIENNA BOOKS.  NORFOLK, Va. – IHS Press has announced the launch of a new imprint, Gates of Vienna Books, and the release of its first two titles (see below). GOV Books will concentrate exclusively on works of history and historical biography which, according to IHS Press editor, John Sharpe, are intended to correct and counteract that large portion of 'establishment history' which has seriously distorted or misrepresented...more
10/11/2002 - #001. THE THEORY OF CATHOLIC ACTION.  NORFOLK, Va. – IHS Press, the rapidly expanding new publisher dedicated to the re-publication of classic texts dealing exclusively with Catholic Social Thought, has just announced the release of Action, by Jean Ousset. Ousset, a well-known post-WWII French writer and scholar, was at the forefront of a movement which he...more
12/26/2001 - #001. A DOSE OF SANITY FOR AN INSANE WORLD.  NORFOLK, Va. – IHS Press has recently announced the re-issue of a major work of social criticism by the famous English author and master essayist, G.K. Chesterton. The Outline of Sanity, Chesterton's vigorous defense of private property and local tradition against capitalist conglomerates and socialist bureaucracy...more
Newsletter copy from recent mailings
1/7/02 - #001. A DOSE OF SANITY FOR AN INSANE WORLD.  IHS Press, the only Catholic publisher dedicated exclusively to works dealing with the Social Teachings of the Church, has announced the availability of The Outline of Sanity, by the renowned Catholic writer, G.K. Chesterton. The Outline of Sanity is Chesterton's unapologetic critique of...more
Letters to the Editor
1/10/02.  Dear Editor, You and your readers – particularly the Chesterton and Belloc fans among them – may be interested to know that a new Catholic publisher has been established for reprinting classics of Catholic social thought. Founded in September of this year, IHS Press is now the only press exclusively dedicated to bringing back into print both contemporary and classic works...more
1/16/03.  GKC goes after the Capitalists again, in this newly re-edited edition of his Utopia of Usurers, a collection of articles written between 1913 and 1915, in which he lays bare the evils of Capitalism in an examination of its effects.....more
10/11/02.  After more than 66 years since Belloc's masterful Distributist essay was issued by the Distributist League, IHS Press brings you a newly edited, footnoted edition of the Essay on the Restoration of Property, by Hilaire Belloc....more
8/30/02.  ACTION, by Jean Ousset, is now available from IHS Press. Over thirty years after the famous convert from Communism, Hamish Fraser, arranged for the translation and publication of Ousset's masterpiece on Catholic Social Action...more
5/18/02.  Now available from IHS Press and in print for the first time ever in the U.S. – Hilaire Belloc's The Free Press. This short (96pp) but masterful essay by Hilaire Belloc exposes what in his day was a crime and ours is a real catastrophe: control...more
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