May 18, 2002

IHS Press reprints Hilaire Belloc's
powerful essay on media manipulation:
The Free Press

Now available from IHS Press and in print for the first time ever in the U.S. – Hilaire Belloc's The Free Press.

This short (96pp) but masterful essay by Hilaire Belloc exposes what in his day was a crime and ours is a real catastrophe: control of the media by a few financial powers, and their ability to suppress news and manipulate opinion to an unheard of degree.

The IHS Edition contains detailed footnotes and a hard-hitting, up-to-the-minute Preface, explaining why Belloc's warnings and recommendations should be heeded like never before.

Also available from IHS Press: G.K. Chesterton's socio-economic magnum opus, The Outline of Sanity, in which he argues persuasively for real property ownership by every family, and against the concentration of wealth in communist or capitalist hands..

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th century's greatest Catholic minds.

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IHS Press was founded to re-issue critical editions of the great works of Catholic social criticism from the early 20
th century, making the wisdom they contain available to the current generation. IHS Press presents the timeless principles of the Church's Social Doctrine, as expressed by some of the Catholic world's greatest minds, and applied to the problems of modern society without compromise or apology.

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ISBN 0-9714894-1-6

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The Free Press
 by Hilaire Belloc

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The Free Press is Belloc's unabashed look at the establishment which in his day was the Press and in ours is the Media. It is the only work of its kind, being a critique and analysis of the modern Media from the coherent perspective of a Catholic and a Distributist.

In this remarkably subtle and thought-provoking essay, Belloc draws attention to the connection between Capitalism, Finance, and the Press, and from that premise explains the theoretical and practical evils which plague the modern Media, being as it is a creature of our modern economic and political system - not its critic and watchdog.

The Free Press is not just a criticism of the horrendously evil influence of a Media which manipulates, controls, and suppresses news and opinion according to the dictates of the enforced liberal order of capitalism and so-called democracy. It is a surprisingly relevant and up-to-the-minute apology for a Free Press - a press which, despite economic and political disadvantages, is free to report accurate news and sponsor an intelligent and serious exchange of ideas.

Of particular interest to the intelligent reader will be the Publisher's Preface, a thorough-going look at the modern Media Establishment and a discussion of what makes Belloc's writing from early in last century so important and so relevant today. Anyone who has ever suspected that the Media is more concerned with income than Truth will find Belloc's treatise of great value. It is an essential guide for forming a correct and intellectually sound opinion of the forces that control the Media and what can be done to liberate it.

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ISBN 0-9714894-0-8

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The Outline of Sanity
 by G.K. Chesterton

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The Outline of Sanity is an entertaining book - it will make you laugh. It is an engaging book - it will make you think. And it is an inspiring book -it will make you want to read more and do more.

It is this last quality which really sets The Outline apart from the mass of books on the otherwise dry topics of socialism, capitalism, and the economic order. For this is a book that Chesterton wrote not as a theoretical examination of socialist principles or capitalist hypotheses. He wrote it as a lively and common-sense - but nonetheless rigorous - examination of how both of the "isms" really work in the day-to-day world. He looked at the effect they had on families, homes, men. He did economics as if "economics" still had something to do with households.

The Outline is not just an uncompromising look at the economic side of modern society by a keenly intelligent and brutally honest writer. It is an introduction to the alternative perspective, one that transcends the Socialist/Capitalist dichotomy and offers a vision of an economic order which, rather than dominating man, actually serves him.

You'll have to buy the book to hear more. It is guaranteed not-to-disappoint. Whether you are a serious Catholic seeking the Catholic answer to today's problems, or merely an open-minded, socially-conscious reader who is not afraid to think about an alternative to the corporate rat race and government bureaucracy - The Outline of Sanity will give you a glimpse of that Distributist vision which offers the average man and woman a way out of the insanity of the current system.

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