January 16, 2003

Chesterton Takes on the Capitalists Again!

IHS Press presents:

G.K. Chesterton's Utopia of Usurers

GKC goes after the Capitalists again, in this newly re-edited edition of his Utopia of Usurers, a collection of articles written between 1913 and 1915, in which he lays bare the evils of Capitalism in an examination of its effects on the economic, cultural, social and philosophical aspects of life.

This thought-provoking, engaging, and entertaining book is not for the faint of heart. Chesterton pulls no punches to expose the evils of an economic mindset that puts profit over people, money over man, and gain before Grace.

In 136 readable pages, GKC draws our attention to things that we experience all the time in modern economic life, but to which we probably give very little thought. Like the tendency of advertising to ruin art; the tendency of the concentration of productive wealth to deprive a man of his true stature and independence; and the degree to which modern work tends towards drudgery and makes true holidays from work impossible.

These and so many other social, cultural, and political aspects of the capitalist economy are treated with Chestertionian wit, style, and, what's more — Chestertonian rigour.

Specially attractive about this new IHS edition is the intriguing Preface by Mr. Aidan Mackey, the English Distributist and Chesterton scholar of unparalleled renown. IHS's Utopia also includes extensive footnotes, which provide the historical and poitical context for many of Chesterton's delightful metaphors.

See below for details on this unapologetic look at the evils of the modern conception of economic life and a no-holds-barred exposition of what would make it right. Other currently available IHS Press titles are detailed below, as well.

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Utopia of Usurers
by G. K. Chesterton


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Utopia of Usurers is Chesterton at his energetic and boisterous best, taking on the economic and cultural apostles of modern industrial capitalism. Utopia is a collection of articles written from 1913–1915 for the Daily Herald, a Socialist paper which allowed Chesterton to attack Socialism as vehemently as they assumed he would attack capitalism. What results, then, in Utopia of Usurers, is a full-scale broadside against the folly of modern economic and cultural life, in the name of humanity, sanity, justice, and charity.

Chesterton looks at all aspects of modern, industrial capitalism, and finds them lacking. He analyzes the effect of the capitalist mentality on – among other things – art, culture, family life, work, and working conditions. With classic Chestertonian wit and rigorous logic, GKC points out how every single one of those aspects of daily, human life have suffered tremendously from an attitude that makes financial and material gain the End of life, at the expense of those higher and human values without which life is hardly worth living.

IHS Press is extremely pleased to introduce Mr. Aidan Mackey, English Chesterton scholar of singular renown.

Born in Manchester, England, in 1922, Aidan Mackey became a devotee of Chesterton at 14 when his brother challenged him to "read something useful." He obtained therefrom a firey passion that still dominates his life.

Along with H.D. Pepler and other notables, he founded the Distributist Association in 1947 and soon after became the editor of the journal, The Distributist, which saw publication from 1953–1960. Mackey wrote Mr. Chesterton Comes to Tea (1979); The Wisdom of GKC (1986), currently being re-edited in a new edition for the Catholic Truth Society of England; and Hilaire Belloc and His Critics (1991). He was also instrumental in the recent establishment of the G.K. Chesterton Centre at Plater College, Oxford.

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ISBN 0-9714894-2-4
 by Jean Ousset

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Action is a definitive manual on Catholic Action by one of the 20th's great lay Catholic scholars of Catholic Action. This book discusses not only the theory of Catholic Social Action but examines it from practical standpoints: why should Catholic laymen feel called to action for the spread of Catholic social principles in society, how can they make that action effective, and how can they manage the resources available for action. Anyone who has ever felt that something must be done to save society from chaos and collapse should consider this book a must read.

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An Essay on the Restoration of Property
 by Hilaire Belloc

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Belloc's Essay on the Restoration of Property is a unique and engaging look at the economic landscape of the civilized West before the "triumph" of capitalism, and a sketch of how that landscape can be restored. Belloc argues, convincingly and persuasively, that the concentration of productive wealth in relatively few hands is a historical abberation, and that it did not arise out of necessity, but as a result of poor decisions made by free men. Reverse those decisions, and you reverse and improve the economic situation of masses of people.

ISBN 0-9714894-1-6
The Free Press
 by Hilaire Belloc

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The Free Press is a thorough, precise, and direct look at the origins, growth, and behavior of the media, which in Belloc's day was simply the Press. As in almost every case, Belloc proves his genius insofar as his assessment of the media applies exacetly to the situation of today, and yet it was wrotten almost 85 years ago! This is one not to miss for anyone concerned about the less-than-honorable connection between the Press, Government, and Finance.

ISBN 0-9714894-0-8
The Outline of Sanity
 by G.K. Chesterton

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The Outline of Sanity is a lively and common-sense — but nonetheless rigorous — examination of how both capitalism and socialism really work in the day-to-day world, and an exposition of Chesterton & Co.'s alternative: Distributism. In The Outline Chesterton sets out his vision that the economy is made not to dominate man, but to serve him, and in so doing he judges both socialism and capitalism guilty of sacrificing the ultimate intrest of man — his simple and virtuous leading of this life with a view toward attaining the next — to his short-term material enrichment.
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