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  News Release 03-002 – December 9, 2002 Print-friendly

IHS Press to set historical records straight with new Gates of Vienna Books imprint.

Norfolk, Va. (Dec. 9, 2003) – IHS Press has announced the launch of a new imprint, Gates of Vienna Books, and the release of its first two titles (see below). GOV Books will concentrate exclusively on works of history and historical biography which, according to IHS Press editor, John Sharpe, are intended to correct and counteract that large portion of 'establishment history' which has seriously distorted or misrepresented the truth of the positive Catholic influence on the development of European civilization.
        GOV Books titles, Sharpe says, "...will feature analyses of key figures and events of modern history from a standpoint which recognizes both the existence of religious truth and its active and significant role in human history."
        GOV Books titles will include the series of Belloc's historical biographies as well as those dealing with the pre- and post-World War II eras; along with the largely heretofore-neglected lives and careers of Catholic statesmen such as Dollfuss of Austria and Salazar of Portugal. "To the extent they have been dealt with at all," Sharpe contends, "their legacies have been grossly misrepresented by modern historians."
        Belloc's Charles I and Charles II: the Last Rally have just been published under the new imprint. Charles I chronicles the struggle of the first Charles Stuart to preserve the English crown against the onslaught of money power and the forces of social disintegration unleashed by the Reformation. That his struggle failed only adds to the intrigue of the story. And in The Last Rally, Belloc relates how King Charles of the Restoration stunned those who expected his to be a toothless monarchy: Charles had other plans, as Belloc's gripping tale relates.
         These offerings by one of England's master storytellers mark an auspicious beginning for this new history-oriented imprint, which takes its name from the Battle of Vienna (1683), a crucial point in the history of Christian civilization. It was at this battle, with Vienna under siege by 100,000 Ottoman Turks, that King John III (Sobieski) of Poland, commanding a woefully outnumbered Christian army mustered by Pope Innocent XI, won a miraculous victory against the invaders. In reporting his success to the Pope, King John altered a line from Caesar to proclaim his now famous, I came, I saw, God conquered.
                 GOV Books uses that proclamation as its watchword. There is, Sharpe explained, no more fitting expression of trust and gratitude toward Providence, or of a correct understanding of the submission of nations, states, and peoples to the sovereignty of Almighty God.
         Formed less than two years ago to bring the classics of 20th-Century Catholic social thought back into circulation, IHS Press has quickly become a presence in the Catholic publishing field, recognized not only for its growing book list, but for the quality, unique artistic style, and reasonable cost of its titles.
         Now, with the advent of the Gates of Vienna Books imprint, it seems more than likely that growth will be accelerated. IHS Press and GOV Books titles are available direct from the publisher (, 757.423.0324); or to the book trade through Independent Publishers Group (, 800.888.4741).

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