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  Letter to the Editor – January 10, 2002 Print-friendly
January 10, 2002

Dear Editor,

You and your readers – particularly the Chesterton and Belloc fans among them – may be interested to know that a new Catholic publisher has been established for reprinting classics of Catholic social thought. Founded in September of this year, IHS Press is now the only press exclusively dedicated to bringing back into print both contemporary and classic works inspired by the traditional Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

IHS Press's first title is already available: G.K. Chesterton's The Outline of Sanity, a brilliant and witty exposition of “Distributism,” which he defines as “a policy of small distributed property,” and which he posits as the alternative to the wealth-concentrating systems of capitalism and socialism.

No doubt you are familiar with Chesterton as the author of works of Catholic apologetics such as The Romance of Orthodoxy and Heretics. His lesser-known volumes on the state of the modern world are just as engaging and just as convincing as his powerful works on doctrine and the Faith. The Outline of Sanity, for instance, is a must read for any among your readers looking for an unapologetic critique of what passes for economic “thought” in the modern world. Vigorous, at times boisterous, and always entertaining, The Outline of Sanity is a valiant defense of private property and local tradition against capitalist conglomerates and socialist bureaucracy, applying common sense and Christian Principles to the essential elements of the economic and social structure of society.

Other titles which IHS Press will feature in the upcoming year include The Free Press, by Hilaire Belloc, a thorough critique of media-outlet concentration; Catholicism, Protestantism, and Capitalism, by Amintore Fanfani; and Catholic Action by Jean Ousset. And titles by Fr. Vincent McNabb, Arthur Penty, others by Belloc and Chesterton, along with a robust selection from all of the other English Distributists, are just some of the volumes that are planned.

But we couldn't think of a better place to start than with the G.K. Chesterton, whose name is a household word among informed readers around the English-speaking world, and whose reputation for wit and wisdom is so richly deserved.

For literally hundreds of years, the force of the Catholic Faith has produced movements of men and ideas that worked to inspire or re-inspire social and public life with Catholic Truth. The last of these movements was in the 1920s and we're long overdue for another one. So if not now, when? It is IHS Press's ambitious but, we believe, worthwhile and achievable aim to contribute to a modern Catholic intellectual renaissance by making the works of last centuries most profound social thinkers known and available to current generations.

We look forward to counting you and your readers among our collaborators in this exciting project of bringing these great men of Catholic Social Thought back into the public eye, for the benefit we all can derive from them here and now.

Please look for press releases in the near future to provide further details about IHS and its activities.

Yours sincerely,

The Publishers
IHS Press

Note: The Outline of Sanity, a 183pp paperback, is available directly from IHS Press for $12.95 plus $2.50 s/h. Should you wish to publish this letter, an electronic copy is available for your convenience at, or we can e-mail one to you. For a review copy of The Outline, or to find out about how you can sell this title through a bookstore which you may have connected to your publication, please contact us at 877-IHS-PRES (877.447.7737) or
Attention media: call or e-mail today for interviews with the IHS Press publishers or for information on upcoming titles and/or events:
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