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  News Release 01-001 – December 26, 2001 Print-friendly
IHS Release 01-001
December 11, 2001
A dose of sanity for an insane world
IHS Press re-prints G.K. Chesterton's classic The Outline of Sanity

NORFOLK, Va. – IHS Press has recently announced the re-issue of a major work of social criticism by the famous English author and master essayist, G.K. Chesterton. The Outline of Sanity, Chesterton's vigorous defense of private property and local tradition against capitalist conglomerates and socialist bureaucracy, brings to bear the wit and wisdom of one of the greatest English authors of the 20
th century on a problem – the concentration of wealth and ownership – that is more acute today than when this engaging book was written over 75 years ago.

Previously available only as part of a collection of Chesterton's works, and otherwise out of print for over 75 years, The Outline of Sanity is the first of many titles planned by IHS Press, a Catholic publishing house formed to bring the classics of 20th-century Catholic social thought back into circulation. These classics, to include The Restoration of Property and The Free Press, by Hilaire Belloc, propose an intelligent solution to current social ills – an alternate and refreshing solution which transcends the sterile categories of “left” and “right,” “liberal” and “conservative.”

“The social thought of the great English Catholic authors of last century is a buried treasure which is simply waiting to be discovered,” said one of the IHS Press publishers. “These books – of which The Outline is probably the best example – are brand new in spite of being 50 years old. They propose solutions to political, economic, and philosophical problems which we face today with a clarity and precision that is almost unheard of in current academic and cultural circles. There isn't a thoughtful or socially conscious person around who wouldn't benefit from a reading of The Outline and any of our other titles.”

The Outline of Sanity is available at the initial low price of $12.95 direct from the publisher. To order a copy, simply call 877-IHS-PRES (877.447.7737), e-mail, or visit Bookstores can order copies of Chesterton's classic direct from the publisher at the standard trade discount, and the book is also available through Baker and Taylor.

Attention media: call or e-mail today for interviews with the IHS Press publishers or for information on upcoming titles and/or events:
IHS Press
222 W 21st St. Suite F-122
Norfolk, VA 23517
877-IHS-PRES (877.447.7737)