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About IHS Press imprints

      IHS Press plans, God willing, to launch a number of imprints over the next several years dedicated to various aspects of Catholic Social Doctrine. The sheer number alone of texts that merit re-publication warrants their categorization into different lines of titles.
      More importantly, there is a need for quality books in almost every area – from popular, general, and introductory essays, all the way to both general and specialized academic texts. These reprinted – or new – texts are needed specifically in order to compensate for the corruption of even the most "orthodox" of modern works by frankly false notions. It is the hope of IHS Press that the development of a number of lines of titles can help to remedy this situation, by offering philosophically and theologically sound analyses of the myriad of subjects which need treatment by a truly Catholic social science.

Our current imprints are listed below. Please click the individual imprint for more information.
  • Gates of Vienna Books - reprinting texts dealing with important historical topics from an integrally Catholic perspective
Be sure to check back periodically for news of the launch of other imprints, along with information about others planned for the future.

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